Metal Production

metal production industry Overview

Making every sheet count

We understand that to maintain a competitive edge, you must deliver the highest-quality aluminum or steel in the most cost-effective way possible. And for more than 30 years, we’ve been working to create innovative ways that help metal producers do just that. Our thermal spray and laser weld overlay wear- and corrosion-resistant coatings maintain quality, reduce costs, extend the service life of critical rolls and prevent unplanned outages due to roll surface failures.

So if you’re under pressure to deliver flawless sheets and strips every day, we’ll help you optimize every roll in your process. Our coating service centers, technologies, and unmatched research and development resources can help you improve productivity and ultimately make a better product.

Pot Roll and Rig Component Solutions

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specialized Solutions for the metal production industry

Aluminum Production

Reduce pickup and wear-related issues on your most critical process rolls for hot mill, cold mill and auxiliary lines with our custom coatings finished to your unique specifications.

Coatings for Aluminium Production

Steel Production

We’ve developed robust coating systems, processes and products to help steel producers like you limit oxide pickup on furnace rolls and dross buildup on rolls in molten baths, protect against wear and extend the service life of your most critical components.

Coatings for Steel Production

Wire Drawing

Maximize the life and quality of your wire drawing surfaces with our wide range of custom coatings developed to help you get more.

Metal Production Wire Drawing

Coating Services for the metal production industry

Chrome-free Pot Roll Coatings

Chrome-Free Pot Roll Sealant

Our next-generation pot roll sealer is inorganic, high temperature-cured and chrome-free. The sealer penetrates the coating surface, creating a chemical bond to the underlying thermal sprayed carbide coating for superior adhesion. This prevents dross particle buildup in molten baths, allowing you to produce flawless sheets for automotive, appliance and other demanding applications. Plus, the sealer meets European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations.

Pot Roll Coating and Chrome-Free Sealer Systems (132 KB)

Laser Cladding

Laser Cladding

We provide a full range of specialty alloy overlays and composites that produce an impervious protecting layer to withstand extreme-wear environments. The thin overlay ensures a bond with minimal distortion, nominal melting and a small heat-affected zone for pot roll sleeves in galvanizing lines (GL) and plater rolls used in electrolytic tin lines (ETL).

Roll Manufacturing & Reconditioning

We are experts in protective coating development, application and use, and we can manufacture or recondition process line rolls used in producing aluminum and steel.

Coatings for Roll Manufacturing
D-Gun Thermal Spray Coating

Thermal Spray Coatings

Coating rolls with our tungsten carbide and ceramic-metallic thermal spray coatings is a cost-effective way to combat wear, corrosion and dross adhesion. Applied via detonation gun (D-Gun or Super D-Gun™) or high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF), our coatings create and maintain an optimum surface and surface roughness to extend the service life of your rolls and prevent unplanned outages of your blast cold mill, finishing or galvanizing lines.

Metal Production Supplemental Services

Supplemental Services

For optimal adhesion and interface cleanliness, we offer cleaning, blasting and stripping surface preparation services before coatings are applied. We also provide dimensioning, heat treating, peening and testing to maximize newly coated surfaces.

We do more than apply coatings to your rolls. We help you keep your productivity up by extending the life of your roll service. That means less frequent roll changes, plus reduced maintenance costs. From furnace and pot rolls to bridle and deflector rolls, we offer a range of coating and overlay services that can help you produce top-quality aluminum and steel.

Products for the metal production industry

Coating Slurries

Coating Slurries

Where corrosion, oxidation, wear, insulation or release properties are critical issues, our SermeTel™ coating slurries provide protection. We offer approximately 150 active slurry compositions in the form of inorganic primers, sealers, dry film lubricants, cements, resins and other materials.

Metal Production Furnace Rolls

Furnace Rolls

We offer a wide range of turnkey custom-coated furnace rolls manufactured for use in both continuous annealing lines (CALs) and continuous galvanizing lines (CGLs).

Pot Roll Sleeves

Pot Roll Sleeves

Our pot roll sleeves are designed for use in hot-dip CGLs and can be customized to meet your unique specifications.

Thermal Spray Equipment

Thermal Spray Coating Equipment

Application by application, we offer the appropriate thermal spray equipment—arc spray, gaseous-fueled high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF), liquid-fueled high-pressure (HP/HVOF®), plasma spray, powder feeders and integrated/automated system solutions —and the right materials and parts to do the job optimally and cost effectively.

Thermal Spray Powders

Thermal Spray Powders

With our hundreds of standard products and our industry-leading ability to formulate custom compositions, you're sure to get the right solution for your coating needs with our powders. Our lot-to-lot consistency means you’ll have a more dependable spray process, less need for over-testing of coating quality, less waste and reduced costs.

Thermal Spray Wire Spool


We manufacture the highest-quality wires for thermal spray. We offer a wide variety of wire chemistries, ranging from traditional metals and metal alloys to complex cored wire compositions for demanding wear applications.