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Around the world, our coatings are hard at work protecting turbomachinery that powers industry. Today’s power generation equipment uses sophisticated, advanced-technology machines that require investing significant time, capital and effort to optimize their performance. That’s why our advanced surface coatings, weld overlays and ancillary processes are cost-effective, practical alternatives to prevent and control corrosion, wear, fouling and high-temperature oxidation of components in your power generation equipment. 

For example, you lose revenue every day that a gas turbine is not generating power. So we develop coatings to improve component lifespans, lower replacement costs and extend the time between service outages. Plus, when you do experience an outage, we can shorten downtime, reduce damage risk and increase turbine efficiency by bringing our coating services directly to you.

Coating Services for the Power Generation Industry (1.2 MB)

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Specialized Solutions for the power generation industry

Chrome / Cadmium Replacement

Our variety of thermal spray and engineered slurry coatings can help you make the switch from hexavalent chrome and cadmium plating. We offer replacement solutions that are kind to the environment but tougher than ever on corrosion.

HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel) Thermal Spray Coating

Coal-Fired Boilers

Our laser weld overlays, also called laser cladding, prevent corrosion and wear of waterwall panels in boilers operating low-NOx burners. Our proprietary line of thermal spray coating solutions eliminates erosion and extends the wear life of your critical components such as boiler feed pump impellers, induced draft axial fan blades and hubs and valve stems.

Laser Cladding for Coal Fired Boilers


As this renewable source of energy makes a comeback, we are ready with our thermal spray coatings that protect hydropower turbines against corrosion and erosion from water, gravel, sand or silt to extend operating life and maintain efficiency.

Coatings for Hydro

Industrial Gas Turbines

Protect your most crucial gas turbine components from corrosion, wear and extreme temperatures. Our portfolio of high-performance coatings is complete with specially engineered coatings for the combustor, compressor and turbine sections of your turbine.

Coatings on Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT) Parts


It’s rough inside a nuclear reactor. There’s extreme heat, neutron irradiation, chemical corrosion, self-welding and, as always, wear. This kind of environment requires the hard, anti-galling and wear-resistant coatings we’ve been developing for the nuclear power generation industry for more than 40 years.

Coatings for Nuclear Power Industry

On-Site Coating Services

With our On-Site Service, we can coat even your largest turbine components, getting you back up and running quickly and cost-effectively. We can even coat some components in situ, which means no de-stacking or re-stacking of components.

On-Site Coatings

Steam Turbines

We offer a wide range of thermal sprayed and slurry coatings to reduce erosion and prevent corrosion and fouling in steam turbine components. The most common applications include turbine blades, buckets, diaphragms, nozzles and rotors along with valve components.

Coatings for Steam Turbines

Wind Turbines

Our proprietary coatings prevent electrical current leakage and damage to generator bearings and races with our electrically insulative coatings that extend the life cycle of wind turbines.

Coatings for Wind Turbine

Coating Services for the power generation industry

Platinum Aluminide

Diffusion Coatings

In addition to simple aluminides, we offer platinum aluminide (PtAl) coatings—the coating choice for many industrial gas turbine hot section airfoils. Compared to simple aluminides, these coatings provide exceptional oxidation protection and are used for many high-pressure (HP) and low-pressure (LP) turbine airfoils where additional environmental protection is required. Diffused SermaLoy™ and SermAlcote® slurry, pack diffusion and vapor diffusion coatings are also available.

SermAlcote® Diffused Aluminide Slurry Coatings (1.2 MB)

SermaLoyTM J CF Chrome-Free Diffused Aluminide Coating (1.3 MB)

SermaLoyTM J Diffused Aluminide Coating (1.4 MB)

Tribomet Plating

Electrodeposition Coatings

Our Tribomet™ electrodeposition abrasive, wear-resistant and MCrAlY coatings provide non-line-of-site coatings with precise thickness control, excellent metallurgical bonding and low porosity. Tribomet coatings also provide excellent resistance to adhesive wear, abrasion, corrosion and oxidation.

Tribomet™ Abrasive Coatings (183 KB)

Tribomet™ MCrAlY Coatings (246 KB)

TribometTM Wear Coatings (289 KB)

Slurry Coatings

Engineered Slurries

Application of our SermaLoy™ and SermeTel™ slurry coatings will provide unsurpassed protection against aqueous corrosion and heat scaling, as well as erosion, abrasion and wear. We apply our slurry coatings by brushing, flowing, dipping or spraying onto clean prepared surfaces. And because the deposition process is relatively gentle, slurry coatings can be deposited not only on metals, but also on ceramics, glass and composites. Chrome-free slurry coatings that meet global environmental regulations are also available.

SermeTelTM 2F-1 Coating System (1.2 MB)

SermeTelTM 6F-1 Coating System (1.2 MB)

SermeTel™ 5380 DP Coating System (1.2 MB)

SermeTelTM CF Chrome-Free Coating Systems (145 KB)

Laser Cladding

Laser-Weld Overlays (Laser Cladding)

Our laser cladding and hardfacing processes produce weld overlays that are metallurgically bonded and virtually impenetrable, resulting in reduced maintenance, repair and equipment replacement costs. Laser hardening of steel or cast iron components typically yields a 20% greater hardness than conventional heat treating.

Laser Services for Boiler Waterwall Panels (805 KB)

D-Gun Thermal Spray Coating

Thermal Spray Coatings

Metals, alloys, carbides, oxide and non-oxide ceramics, refractory metals, cermets (ceramic-metallics) and other materials can be deposited via our cold spray; detonation gun (D-Gun or Super D-Gun™); high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF); conventional, air, low-pressure or shrouded plasma spray; and flame and wire spray processes. Our thermal spray coating processes produce many coating thicknesses using a wide range of spray rates. Uniform coatings can be applied to parts with complex geometries, and strong bonds withstand heavy mechanical loads.

Vapor Deposition

Vapor Deposition Coatings

We offer state-of-the-art electron beam physical vapor deposition (EBPVD) high-performance thermal barrier coatings for industrial engine turbine blades and vanes that are highly tolerant to lateral strain.

Our cathodic arc physical vapor deposition (CAPVD) process deposits ultra-hard wear-, corrosion- and erosion-resistant thin film coatings on precision parts. We offer titanium nitride (TiN) as a monolayer and multilayer coating.

And, our chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coatings are serviced in a chamber containing parts and a reacting gas at high temperature to form, by absorption or accumulation, a surface layer composed on constituents from the part and the reactive gas.

Titanium Nitride Coatings for Liquid Droplet Erosion (270 KB)

Supplemental Services for Power Generation Industry

Supplemental Services

For optimal adhesion and interface cleanliness, we offer cleaning, blasting and stripping surface preparation services before coatings are applied. We also provide dimensioning, heat treating, peening and testing to maximize newly coated surfaces.

Today, protective coatings are used on hundreds of parts in land-based turbines. We understand the clearance, corrosion, oxidation, wear and thermal problems you encounter every day whether you use coal, gas, nuclear, steam or hydro to produce power. Our complete range of advanced coating services allows you to get new or refurbished equipment into production quickly, and keep it running longer. With unmatched quality and experience, we have pioneered the best-performing surface protection coatings in the industry. In fact, many of our coatings are OEM-designated protection for the most critical components in your land-based industrial gas turbine engines.

Products for the power generation industry

Coating Slurries

Coating Slurries

Where corrosion, oxidation, wear, insulation or release properties are critical issues, our SermeTel™ coating slurries provide protection. We offer approximately 150 active slurry compositions in the form of inorganic primers, sealers, dry film lubricants, cements, resins and other materials.

Thermal Spray Equipment

Thermal Spray Coating Equipment

Application by application, we offer the appropriate thermal spray equipment—arc spray, gaseous-fueled high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF), liquid-fueled high-pressure HVOF (HP/HVOF®), plasma spray, powder feeders and integrated/automated systems—and the right materials and parts to do the job optimally and cost effectively.

Thermal Spray Powders

Thermal Spray Powders

With our wide selection of standard products and our industry-leading ability to formulate custom compositions, you're sure to get the right solution for your coating needs with our powders. Our lot-to-lot consistency means you'll have a dependable spray process, less need for over-testing of coating quality, less waste and reduced costs.

Thermal Spray Wire Spool


We manufacture the highest-quality wires for thermal spray. We offer a wide variety of wire chemistries, ranging from traditional metals and metal alloys to complex cored wire compositions for demanding wear applications.